scuba park stadium

scuba park stadium

At LIGA 01 we created this urban aerial for a commercial. My tasks where the stadium shading, the crowd setup, creating the foreground environment, scene assembly and I also was part of the lighting and rendering process. This shot is a variant of the final commercial shot, where we graded everything in a night atmosphere.

The breakdown shows the detail of the crowd setup, done with softimage ice. I enhanced the crowd setup so we where able to choose arbitrary team colors controlled by weight maps. We where also able to control the density of cheering and flag swinging fans. In the end we put 80.006 CG people in the stadium and hundreds of fans outside the stadium. In the last projects we learnd how necessary neon-colored stewards, medics and officials around the soccerfield and on the stairs where for a believable crowd setup. So I recycled my additional steward setup.

Tools: Softimage (with Softimage ICE crowd setup), Photoshop, Mari, rendert in Arnold

scuba park stadium breakdown