REWE Stadium

REWE Stadium

For this project we created a full CG stadium with crowd simulation. It was my first project as 3D Lead and I managed all 3D tasks from previs to final rendering. Because the shooting took place in a studio, we pre-visualized all shots before, to plan the camera angles and movements of the actors. While previs I constructed the high-res model of the stadium from scratch.

I assisted our VFX-supervisor on set and was also able to meet the awesome Thomas Müller (in action).

The crowd simulation was done in XSI and I enhanced our inhouse setup with more crowd models like additional background players, officilas, security, and medics.

While lighting and rendering I worked very closely with the great Alexander von der Lippe, who was our main comper for this project. Together we created the very cool atmosphere with fog, dust, light and confetti.

- MAYA (For Previs and Stadium Modeling)
- XSI (Crowd Sim, Scene Setup and Rendering)
- Rendert in Arnold
- Photoshop
- Nuke