final descent to flare city

Final descent to flare city


One of my workmates Daniël came up with the idea to create a super detailed full-cg shot of a futuristic city. He wanted to put also some aircrafts in there, because they are cool! So we modeled our ass off, to create all the geometry for the shot. All the buildings, ships, trees, aircrafts, trains and streets are 3D models. It was the first time for me to work in zBrush to build up the canyon. I also used xgen to scatter the trees on the canyon.

From the beginning we dreamed of epic light effects and atmosphere, which Dominik brought to life with this fabulous nuke. Now we are proud that we ended up with this nice result, because we all had to work on it beside our jobs.
Thanks for that, diggis!


- Daniël Veder (3D Lead)
- Thomas Brockmann (3D)
- Dominik Platen (Compositing)


- Maya
- zBrush
- Nuke
- rendert in Arnold