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Ahoy-hoy, comrade!

My name is Thomas and I am a 3D Generalist from Hamburg, Germany. After learning and working as a media designer for the pre-press industry I studied media production and startet as a 3D Generalist for VFX and TV advertising. After a short time at "DFIGN - DAS WERK" (Düsseldorf) I moved to Hamburg and since February 2014 I am working at "LIGA 01" post production, covering all aspects of the 3D workfloor. While I am working in all departments of our 3D pipeline, I focus on scene assembly, shading, lighting and rendering.
During my work I discovered a stong passion for creating heavy-detail full-cg shots. So I expanded my skills in particle instancing with "Softimage ICE", "Maya xGen" and "Maya Mash".

Have a look at my work and contact me for feedback or any questions. I'm always interested in side projects, so maybe we can create some amazing stuff together! contact me

my skills:

Maya (expert)
Softimage (expert)
Arnold (expert)
zBrush (advanced)
Clarisse (beginner)

Nuke (advanced)
After Effects (advanced)

Photoshop, Illustrator (expert)


I am so proud to present my new showreel. Feedback is always welcome.